Digital Archive

The Vice Chancellor  Dr A Jayakrishnan launched the digital archive in the Kerala University Library on 3rd June 2011.  The project undertaken as part of the modernisation process of the library has covered around six lakh pages, or approximately 2000 books in its first phase.

Reading out the report, Dr S Beena (Head, Kerala Reference Section) said that the process was carried out under the supervision of an expert committee appointed specifically for the purpose. Rare books, books with research value, untranslated books, books devoid of copyright protection, and historical journals were the ones included in the archive. The time period of the books archived ranges from the 18th centuryto mid- 20th century.

Speaking on the occasion, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr J Prabhash stated that although he was happy with the timely completion of the project, there was still a long way to go for the library. As someone who has been a regular visitor for the past 33 years, he opined that the library no longer possessed the grandeur it once did. He blamed it on the lack of staff members and reluctance from the government’s part to render proper care to the literary treasure housed in the library.

The launching of the digital archive in the university is a blessing for the many researchers, and historians who visit the library on a daily basis. All the distinguished persons on stage voiced their gratitude towards former finance minister Thomas Isaac for allocating 3 crores in 2007 for the modernisation process of the library, thereby kick starting the project.

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